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*** This looks a great improvement -- Sakae OKUBO ***

>Subject: Tree structure view of available meeting documents
>Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 18:17:23 +0100
>Thread-Topic: Tree structure view of available meeting documents
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>Dear colleagues,
>you may find this way of checking meeting documents more convenient 
>than before. Please share it with experts in your Qs. Specific 
>feedback/problems should be provided directly to TSB EDH 
>(<mailto:tsbedh at itu.int>tsbedh at itu.int).
>Best regards,
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>Sent: 06 December 2005 18:10
>To: tsagwp3, ITU (MLIST)
>Subject: TSAG-D30 Proposal: Provide tree structure of list of 
>meeting documents
>Dear TSAG WP3 Participants,
>Following the proposal of Republic of Korea for enhancements in the 
>electronic working environment in ITU-T meetings, a new web page has 
>been created based on the information provided in TSAG Delayed 
>Contribution 30 ( 
><http://www.itu.int/md/meetingdoc.asp?type=mitems&lang=e&parent=T05-TSAG-051107-D-0030>http://www.itu.int/md/meetingdoc.asp?type=mitems&lang=e&parent=T05-TSAG-051107-D-0030 ).
>The new page lists all the meeting documents available in DMS and in 
>the Informal FTP areas (IFAs) of all the Study Groups using a 
>directory tree menu structure. It allows the users to view all the 
>Study Groups' documents without display limit and provides quick 
>navigation across the different Study Group documents without having 
>to open other pages.
>A link to the new page has been included in the TSAG as well as in 
>all the Study Groups main pages under the item "View Documents in 
>Directory Tree Mode".
>The new page is available here: 
>Kind regards,
>Al Dayao
>TSB  EDH  Coordinator

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