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Dear colleagues,

can someone help this engineer from Brazil? I will translate his two

1) When RRq fails in H.225.0 and there is a retransmission, requestSeqNum
is repeated. His question is, what does he use as the timestamp? I presume
it remains the same.

2) What happens with the timestamp when summer savings time (clock is
adjusted one hour ahead or behind) starts? I presume if it changes outside
a session, it is business as usual; if it changes in the middle of a
session, then it should stick to the original one, and start +,- 1 hour
for the next sessions open.

Please copy any replies to him at:
José Antonio Mechaileh jmechail at terra.com.br
as he does not subscribe to this mailing list.



From: José Antonio Mechaileh [mailto:jmechail at terra.com.br]
Sent: 30 August 2005 16:49
To: Campos, Simao
Subject: socorro!

Caro amigo Simão

Socorro! I need help!

Estou com uma dúvida a respeito de H.225 e não estou achando a resposta:
quando um RRQ falha por algum motivo e ocorre uma retransmissão, o valor
de "requestSeqNum" é repetido. Ver abaixo:

"requestSeqNum in messages is used to keep track of multiple outstanding
requests. Any associated response messages (success or failure) shall have
the corresponding requestSeqNum returned with it. Retransmitted messages
shall have the same requestSeqNum. RequestSeqNum increments by 1 modulo

A dúvida é:  o que acontece com o timestamp? Deve ser repetido também???
Ou ele sempre aumenta?

Outra dúvida: o que acontece com o horário de verão? O relógio volta ou
avança 1 hora. O que acontece com o Timestamp nessas situações?

Muito obrigado pela ajuda!

Um abraço


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