Outcome of the SG16 meeting (26 July - 5 August 2005)

OKUBO Sakae okubo at MXZ.MESH.NE.JP
Sat Aug 6 01:14:56 EDT 2005

Dear experts,

The subject SG16 meeting has concluded with consent and approval of 
the documents as listed after my signature. An interim Rapporteur 
meeting will be planned during 28 November - 2 December 2005 (place 
is yet to be decided). Please see the following meeting report for 
the detailed outcome:

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<Recommendations for Consent>

Draft new Corrigendum 4 to H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1 "Information 
Technology - Generic Coding Of Moving Pictures And Associated Audio 
Information: Systems"

Draft new H.221 Amendment 1 "Frame structure for a 64 to 1920 kbit/s 
channel in audiovisual teleservices"

Draft new H.230 Amendment 1 "Frame-synchronous control and indication 
signals for audiovisual systems"

Draft revised H.239

Draft revised H.241 "Extended video procedures and control signals 
for H.300 series terminals"

Draft new H.242 Amendment 1 "System for establishing communication 
between audiovisual terminals using digital channels up to 2 Mbit/s"

Draft revised H.243 "Procedures for establishing communication 
between three or more audiovisual terminals using digital channels up 
to 1920 kbit/s"

Draft revised H.324 "Terminal for low bit-rate multimedia communication"

Draft revised H.245 "Control protocol for multimedia communication"

Draft new H.246 Amendment 1 "Interworking of H-Series multimedia 
terminals with H-Series multimedia terminals and voice/voiceband 
terminals on GSTN and ISDN"

Draft new H.460.17 "Tunneling RAS through H.225.0"

Draft new H.460.20 "Location Number for H.323"

Draft revised H.248.1 version 3 "Gateway Control Protocol"

Draft Revision 1 of H.248.8 "Error Codes and Service Change Reasons"

Draft new H.248.36 "Hanging Termination Detection Package"

Draft new H.248.37 "IP NAPT Traversal Package"

Draft new H.460.18 "Traversal of H.323 signalling across Firewalls and

Draft new H.460.19 "Firewall and NAT traversal procedures for media 
in H.323 systems"

Draft new F.741 (ex F.AvoD) "Service description and requirements for 
Audiovisual on Demand services"

Draft new F.742 (ex F.DL) "Service description and requirements for 
distance learning services"

Draft new F.733 (ex F.MMCIP) "Service description and requirements 
for multimedia conference services over IP networks"

Draft new F.724 (ex F.VTIP) "Service description and requirements for 
videotelephony services over IP networks"

Draft new Rec. H.235.0 "Security framework for H-series (H.323 and 
other H.245-based) multimedia systems" (for Consent)

Draft new Rec. H.235.1 "Baseline Security Profile" (for Consent)

Draft new Rec. H.235.2 "Signature Security Profile" (for Consent)

Draft new Rec. H.235.3 "Hybrid Security Profile" (for Consent)

Draft new Rec. H.235.4 "Direct and Selective Routed Call Security" 
(for Consent)

Draft for new Rec. H.235.5 "Framework for secure authentication in 
RAS using weak shared secrets" (for Consent)

Draft new Rec. H.235.6 "Voice encryption profile with native 
H.235/H.245 key management" (for Consent)

Draft new Rec. H.235.7 "Usage of the MIKEY Key Management Protocol 
for the Secure Real Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) within H.235" (for 

Draft new Rec. H.235.8 "Key Exchange for SRTP using secure Signalling 
Channels" (for Consent)

Draft new Rec. H.235.9 "Security Gateway Support for H.323" (for Consent)


<Documents for Approval>

Draft revised Implementors' Guide for T.120-series

Draft revised 3.7.3 H.323-Series Implementorsユ Guide

Draft revised H-Series Supplement 4 "Repository of generic parameters 
for ITU-T Recommendations H.460.x sub-series"

Draft new Supplement 2 to the H-Series: H.248 Sub-Series: Packages 
Guide Release 7

Draft New Technical Paper "The Requirements for Network Address 
Translator and Firewall Traversal of H.323 Multimedia Systems"

Draft New Technical Paper "Firewall and NAT traversal Problems in 
H.323 Systems"

Draft new H.235 Version 3 (2003) Implementorsユ Guide "Security and 
encryption for H-series (H.323 and other H.245-based) multimedia 
terminals" (for Approval)

Draft new Technical Paper on Usage of the H.510 protocol for the 
support of H.323 based Multimedia Services within GPRS/IMT2000 

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