Fw: Fw: the second draft of F.dl, comments are solicited.

NIe Xiuying niexiuying at mail.ritt.com.cn
Sun Apr 10 21:32:25 EDT 2005

Dear WP2/16 experts,

I have created the following directory at the avc-site to work for 
the July SG16 meeting:


As acting Rapporteur for Q.22/16 I request you to review the 
following documents and return any comments:

At 10:18 +0800 05/04/10, NIe Xiuying wrote:
>Thank you vey much for your report of Q.22 for ITU-T SG 16 WP2 
>meeting. Based on the recomments and suggestion, I modified the 
>draft F.DL and draft F.AVOD. I send the second draft of F.dl 
>(Fdlrev1410 and fdlrev1410clear) to you and 
>itu-sg16 at external.cisco.com . Next we will have a meeting held in 
>Hangzhou, we will discuss the second drafts of F.dl and F.avod then. 
>About next Wed. or Thursday, I will submit the second draft of 
>F.avod and F.dl if there is some modification to F.dl.

They have been placed under the Working_Docs directory:


At 22:35 +0800 05/04/10, Sun Mingjun wrote:
>Please check attached the F.MMCIP second draft, which is a revised 
>editon according the suggestions in last melbourne meeting.
>Comments and suggestions are solicited.

This has been placed under the Working_Docs directory:


Best regards,

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