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Dear experts,
 On behalf of Mr I.Sebestyen.


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Subject: FW: Q 21/16 - Meeting, Strasbourg, 5-6 April 2005

Dear all,

It would be nice if we could get an E-mail feed-back who would be
participating in next week Q.21/16 meeting (April 5-6; agenda below) to
progress the NGN and Architecture work.

Regarding documentation, we have so far no new documentation from SG16
(except an E-mail from Paul Jones that I will pick up as input document )
as those that were presented in Melbourne. Of course  we will have to look
the NGN Workshop http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/worksem/ngntech/details.html
and NGN FG Documents as of their March Korea Meeting

Kind regards,

Dr. Istvan Sebestyen
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81359 München
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Von: P.A.Probst [mailto:pierre-andre.probst at ties.itu.ch]
Gesendet: Montag, 14. März 2005 17:46
An: tsg16mgt at itu.int
Cc: simao.campos at itu.int; Istvan Sebestyen; LAMBLIN Claude FTRD/DIH/LAN;
naitoy at attglobal.net; Paul Barrett
Betreff: Q 21/16 - Meeting, Strasbourg, 5-6 April 2005

Dear All,

may I ask you to disseminate the message below to the e-mail list of your
Thank you for your help!



Dear All,

in order to progress our discussion on "MM over NGN" and to further
develop the baseline document as well as the draft Rec H.saarch, I have
after consultation with SG16 management team, decided to hold an
additional Q 21/16 meeting collocated with the WP3-Questions meeting in

Since "MM over NGN" is of general interest for all questions in SG16, the
meeting in Strasbourg will, in addition to progress the work in general,
allow the experts of WP3 to express their views on the ongoing work under

Regarding the logistics, Question 21/16 will meet on Tuesday 5 April 2005
and on Wednesday 6 April 2005 at the same venue as the other WP3
Please refer to TSB-Collective letter 1/16 and to the link on the SG16
website  for more information.
In particular, you are kindly requested to send the hotel registration
form (Annex 4 to TSB-Collective letter 1/16) as soon as possible, since
the number of rooms reserved in advance is limited.

The draft agenda for the meeting is as follows:

Draft Agenda for Q21/16 meeting, 5-6 April 2005, Strasbourg/France:

1. Opening (objectives of the meeting)

2. Approval of the agenda

3. Documentation

4. Review of the Status of the NGN-Work in ITU-T:
4.1 FG NGN
4.2 SG13
4.3 NGN-Workshop (Korea, 14-15 March 2005)
4.4 Next steps (After Release 1)

5. Review of input from other SDOs (e.g. ETSI, ATIS)

6. Review of the outcome of the Melbourne meeting on Q21/16

7. Discussion on new contributions

8. Further development of "MM over NGN" Baseline document

9. Further development of H.saarch

10. Future work in SG16

11. NGN Coordination with other SGs and other SDOs (e.g. IETF)

12. Miscellaneous

13. Closing

In order to organise the Q21/16 meeting, you are kindly requested to
confirm your participation and to announce any contributions you would
like to submit to the rapporteurs with a copy of your message to the
management team of SG16. The deadline for submitting the contribution is
Friday, 1st of April 2005.

Best regards

SG 16 Chairman

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