Outcome of the San Jose meeting (H.245)

mike.nilsson at BT.COM mike.nilsson at BT.COM
Fri Sep 24 06:56:02 EDT 2004

Dear SG16 experts,

Related to Mr. Li's posting on draft requirements for NAT traversal 
of H.323 multimedia systems, you have seen the following message from 
Mr. Campos-Neto, ITU-TSB about the submission of your contributions 
to the SG16 (SGF or whatever) meeting in November:

At 15:08 +0200 04/09/21, simao.campos at itu.int wrote:
>please note that as the next Q.5 meeting will take place in November 
>04 as part of the main SG 16 meeting, any documents to be reviewed 
>at the meeting must be submitted using the formal submission 
>procedures of contributions (at this point in time, actually 
>"delayed" contributions), in your case I believe through the Chinese 
>administration. Please take a look at TSB Collective Letter 8/16 
>announcing the SG 16 meeting (see 
>Of course, the version you emailed can be discussed in the email 
>reflector, which is a positive factor towards progressing the work. 
>But as I said, for the proposal to be seen at the SG 16 meeting it 
>would need to be submitted formally through the appropriate channels.

Submission to ITU-TSB through your national channel is a mandatory 
process for the meeting in November.

Optionally, you are also encouraged to make your documents, even 
their drafts, available at the avc-site for earlier review and 
discussion by the experts. For this purpose, I have prepared the 
following directory:


and taken my liberty to place Mr. Li's draft there as Draft_H.fwreq_040921.zip.

Best regards,

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