Outcome of the San Jose meeting

OKUBO Sakae okubo at MXZ.MESH.NE.JP
Sat Sep 4 01:56:45 EDT 2004

Dear WP2/16 experts,

The San Jose meeting of Questions F, G, K, 1-5/16 has successfully 
finished with participation of 29 experts. I would like to thank all 
the participants for their contributions as well as Cisco Systems for 
kindly hosting this meeting.

The outcome of the meeting can be found at the following place:

   or ftp://ftp3.itu.int/avc-site/0408_San/
      user: avguest password: Avguest

Q.F report -- TD-10a
Q.G report -- TD-11a
Q.K report -- TD-12
Q.2 report -- TD-13a
Q.3 report -- TD-14a
Q.4 report -- TD-15
Q.4 report -- TD-16a
General topics -- TD-55a
List of outgoing liaison statements -- TD-57

(Note: Document list -- TD-02)

They will be integrated and issued as AVD-2586.

Please note that Q.1 report can be found at the following place:

   or ftp://ftp3.itu.int/lbc-site/0408_Sanjose/q1c19r1.doc
      user: avguest password: Avguest

Best regards,

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