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Thu May 20 06:13:26 EDT 2004

Dear SG16 experts.

Last week we had a successful meeting Questions F,G,2-5/16 in 
Beijing. The reports of the meeting are contained in the following 


General -- TD-32c + LS(TD-50a, TD-51a)
Q.F/16 --- TD-09a
Q.G/16 --- TD-10b + LS(TD-49a)
Q.2/16 --- TD-11a + LS(TD-38a, TD-48a)
Q.3/16 --- TD-12a + LS(TD-39, TD-40a)
Q.4/16 --- TD-13a + LS(TD-35)
Q.5/16 --- TD-14c

The document list is found at:


We reviewed 90 AVD-numbered documents including 15 incoming liaisons 
and 51 TDs.

The list of participants will be advised as soon as it has been 
received from the host. There were 20 delegates from organizations 
outside China and more than 20 local participants.

Please note that TD-32c does not mention TD-50a (LS to JRG-NGN), but 
it was agreed to send this liaison at the closing session.

All these materials will be integrated into AVD-2503.

Best regards,

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