Beijing meeting is held as scheduled

OKUBO Sakae okubo at MXZ.MESH.NE.JP
Tue May 4 22:43:07 EDT 2004

Dear Q.F,G,2-5/16 experts,

There have been expressed some concerns about SARS in Beijing. After 
having reviewed WHO's information and available news by obtaining 
TSB's help, I think that SARS is kept controlled. We will hold the 
Beijing meeting of Q.F,G,2-5/16 as scheduled. Q.B/16 will have its 
meeting there concurrently.

I have had a difficulty to get the updated list of participants from 
the meeting host. Could you take a look at the table after my 
signature (as of 26 April) and return a short note to 
<sokubo at> if you are coming to Beijing or not? If you are 
not listed there but coming, please advise me. Please note that the 
attached list contains only those from organizations outside China. 
Local attendees are also welcome to advise me.

Best regards,

e-mail: sokubo at
Visiting Professor
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Waseda University
Waseda University, YRP Ichibankan 312        Tel: +81 46 847 5406
3-4 Hikarinooka, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken  Fax: +81 46 847 5413
239-0847 Japan
                       H.323 videoconferencing: arranged by advice

List of participants from organizations outside China
26 April (with modifications with received advice)

Surname     Given Name
Boyle II    Kevin Joseph
Gilman      Robert Reagan
Euchner     Martin
Fourie      Henry Louis
Even        Roni
Flaiani     Roberto
Schwarz     Albrecht
Sambasivan  Balasubramanian
Lehmann     Leo
Ruditsky    Alexander
Wilmot      Christopher David
Tegeler     Juergen
Pierce      Michael
Horvath     Ernst
Blin        Jean-Pierre
Groves      Christian
Levent-Levi Tsahi
Holmberg    Hans-Christer
Auerbach    David
Teising     Charles Conrad Jr.
Luthi       Patrick
Hansen      Carl Christian
Jeong       Seong-Ho
Xiangyue    Cui

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