H.245 User Input Indication question

Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Tue Mar 16 11:40:47 EST 2004

Dear WP2/16 experts,

The outcome of this Last Call can be found at:


Draft Recommendations generated by WP2/16 have been judged as follows:

*** Additional Review (AR) ***

New H.235 V3 Amendment 1 (including corrigendum)

Based on the Avaya's comments, a revised draft has been put for 
additional review until 5 April 2004. In case you should have any 
comments to this revised text, please submit them to TSB in due time. 
The text is available at:


This Editor's text has also been placed at the following site for 
your convenience:


Proposed changes are summarized as follows:

Relative to the version that has undergone AAP last call review, the 
following changes are incorporated due to to last call comments:
- Unique Initial Value (IV) insured between one endpoint and the 
other. See 3rd bullet of clause H.7. This change should improve the 
security of the security profile 1 (SP1).
- Change the length of initVect to 12 octets in consequence of above 
change. See Table H.1/235.

*** Last Call Judgement (LJ) ***

New H.248.31 (Adaptive Jitter Buffer Package)

Comments have been provided by Ericcson. It is expected that these 
will be judged as editorial, and H.248.31 will be declared as AT 
(Approved with typographical corrections) at the next opportunity - 
beginning of  April.

*** Approved (A) ***

Rev H.320 (Narrow-band visual telephone systems and terminal equipment)
Rev H.221 (Frame structure for a 64 to 1920 kbit/s channel in 
audiovisual teleservices)
Rev H.230 (Frame-synchronous control and indication signals for 
audiovisual systems)
Rev H.242 (System for communication between AV terminals using 
channels up to 2 Mbit/s)
New H.241 Corrigendum
New H.222.0 Amd. 3 (carriage of H.264 streams over H.222.0)
New H.460.9 Annex B (Extended reporting)
New H.460.10 (H.460.cpc) (Call Party Category)
New H.460.11 (H.460.delayed) (Delayed Call Establishment)
New H.460.12 (H.460.gci) (Glare Control Indication)
New H.460.13 (H.460.hold) (Called User Release Control)
New H.460.14 (H.460.mlpp) (Multilevel Precedence and Preemption)
New H.460.15 (H.460.suspend) (TCP Channel Suspension)
New Corrigendum 1 to H.248.1 Version 2 (Gateway Control Protocol)
New Corrigendum 1 to H.248.3 (User Interface elements and action packages)
New Corrigendum 1 to H.248.4 (Transport over SCTP)
New Corrigendum 1 to H.248.7 (Generic announcement package)
New Amendment 1 to H.248.8 (Error codes and service change reason description)
New Corrigendum 1 to H.248.16 (Enhanced digit collection packages and 
New Corrigendum 1 to H.248.17 (Line test packages)
New H.248.19 (Decomposed MCU, Audio, Video and Data Conferencing Packages)
New H.248.21 (Semi-permanent Connection Handling Package)
New Corrigendum 1 to H.248.23 (Enhanced Alerting packages)
New Corrigendum 1 to H.248.25 (Basic CAS Packages)
New Corrigendum 1 to H.248.26 (Enhanced analog lines packages)
New H.248.28 (International CAS Packages)
New H.248.30 (RTCP XR Packages)
New H.350.6 (H.350.6 Directory Services Architecture for Call 
Forwarding and Preferences)
New H.360 (ex H.qosarch) (QoS Architecture)

Best regards,

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