FW: RFC 3802 on Toll Quality Voice - 32 kbit/s Adaptive Different

simao.campos at ITU.INT simao.campos at ITU.INT
Sun Jun 27 16:43:23 EDT 2004

Dear all,

FYI, should it be of use, in particular for Q.K/16


In order to maintain computing infrastructure integrity, Cisco Systems
Enterprise Messaging Services and InfoSec teams have set a mail policy
disallowing executable attachments in email.

This message contained an executable attachment type that is prohibited 
by this policy. The attachment has been removed from this message and 
copied to quarantine by our systems. It will be held in quarantine for
seven days in the event that the content needs to be retrieved.

For further reference information about viruses and email antivirus 
efforts within Cisco, please visit:


If your concern isn't addressed by the information in this notification 
or the above web page, you may open a support request:


Select "Messaging", "Email-Related", "Mail Routing"

Please include in the text of your case the following information:

* Full headers of the message. Documentation on displaying the full 
headers is available at this URL:


* This unique quarantine identifier: i5EBk4tV015210

If the matter is urgent, you may follow up by calling one of the below 
referenced numbers. Please make every effort to provide the above 
requested information via the support web tool prior to calling as it 
will greatly aid the resolution of your issue.

1 408 526 8888

+61 2 8446 8888

+31 20 485 4888

+81 3 5549 6888

US (Toll Free)
1| 800| 888| 8187| (ext.68888)

Thank you for your cooperation,

Enterprise Messaging Services
Cisco Systems, Inc
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