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Fri Jul 30 17:54:34 EDT 2004

Dear Mr. Lehmann,

Thank you for your input documents.

At 15:58 +0200 04/07/29, Leo.Lehmann at bakom.admin.ch wrote:
>For our meeting in San Jose I have attached two documents for Q.K.
>  <<QK Agenda.doc>>  <<Combined Mobility.doc>>
>One document gives the status regarding combined mobility 
>H.323/GPRS, the other docuemnt (Agenda)includes also a description 
>of new work items which I want to discuss during Q.K session.

TD-05 has been assigned to the former and AVD-2521 to the latter. 
They have been uploaded to the following place:


>From your earlier mail I understood that you will be the person which
>register the documents and put them on the folder. Is my understanding
>correct?. If not please give me further advise.

Yes, correct.

>In your last mail you ask me to give a report about Jrg-NGN and 
>TSAG. I have prepared some material and can give this presentation 
>during the meeting.
>Shall this material be also registerd for our meeting or shall I 
>bring this material just with me. [...]

Please make them input document(s) to the meeting. If it created by 
yourself, AVD-number will be assigned otherwise it will be issued as 

In any case, it is much better if participants could have a chance to 
read it in advance of the meeting. This time the schedule may be 
rather tight.

Best regards,

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