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>Subject: TSAG Restructuring - Results of the July 2004 meeting
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>Dear All,
>after a busy week, last Friday TSAG approved the report of WP2 on 
>"Work Programme" (TD 455). This report contains also the results of 
>the discussion on the restructuring issues.
>For SG16, I would like to draw your attention to the following results:
>1) The new SG structure includes a SG F - "Multimedia Terminals, 
>Systems and Applications" (this is agreed and not questioned 
>2) SG E "Integrated broadband cable networks and television and 
>sound transmission" (former SG9) remains separate, with the 
>requirements to improve the coordination with other SGs, in 
>particular with SG F. The provisional meeting schedule includes 
>collocated meetings in November 2004 and July/August 2005 (see 
>  I have agreed with Richard Green/Chairman SG9, that we should 
>before November 2004 already identify issues for coordination and 
>initiates joint activities if needed.
>3) Q 3/16 and 5/16 have been redrafted to clarify the interface with 
>SG11. Both questions remains in SG F. The new draft can be found in 
>TD 446.
>  It is my understanding, that we have still not the same vision as 
>SG11 concerning future work on Q 3/16, so that we will have to 
>improve  the coordination with them. According to the present 
>provisional meeting schedule we have 3 days of overlap in November 
>2004 (see TD402Rev1). We should also consider the possibility to 
>hold Joint rapporteurs Meetings in future with SG11.
>4) Q K/16 remains in SG F. A good coordination with the SG J "Mobile 
>Telecommunications Networks" is required.
>5) WP15/C is transferred to SG F. We are requested to work in close 
>cooperation with SG  G (former SG12).
>6) TDR/ETS:
>- Q I/16 remains in SG F
>- TDR/ETS basic requirements are not yet allocated, they are three options:
>1. SG M "Operational aspects of service provision, networks and performances"
>2. SG K "Security, Languages and Telecommunications Software"
>3. SG I "Architecture and convergence for NGN"
>- PCP-TDR will report to the SG responsible for the basic ETS/TDR 
>We should also note, that there are still three important open issues:
>i) the future of SG2
>ii) the three options for the allocation of the TDR/ETS requirements
>iii) the components of NGN SG
>The consequence from iii) is that is is still open whether SG 11 and 
>SSG will remain as stand alone SGs or not!
>From SG16 perspective, we have reached the objectives agreed upon at 
>our last plenary session in January as described in our liaison to 
>TSAG (TD319).
>We should however not forget that the final decision will be made at 
>WTSA-2004 in October (e.g. we already know that regional groups are 
>preparing proposals to the WTSA on this restructuring issues!).
>I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks to 
>those present at TSAG who have helped me in representing SG16 views 
>during the meeting, in particular to Messrs Istvan Sebestyen, Dave 
>Lindberg, Patrick Luthi, Leo Lehmann, Yushi Naito, Simao Campos Neto 
>and Keiichi Hibi.
>Also my best thanks to Yukio Hiramatsu/Chairman SG11, Val屍ie 
>Barnole/FT and Stewart Alexander/BT to have been open to a 
>compromise solution on Questions 3/16 and 5/16.

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