Meeting Dates for Interim WP2 Rapporteurs Meeting

Christian Groves christian.groves at ERICSSON.COM
Tue Dec 14 20:15:45 EST 2004

Hello all,

I'd like to confirm that the I have booked the meeting venue for the Monday 28th 
February 2005 to 4th March 2005.

Could you please send me a reply email by "Sunday the 19th of December" if you 
are intending on coming? If you are a regular attender please also send if you 
are not attending.

Note: This is NOT a booking it is only an indication. We will send out a proper 
invitation/registration early in 2005.

I need to have an idea of numbers so that I can book an appropriate number of 
rooms. The venue is around 90minutes drive from Melbourne Airport so I would 
envisage that some people would like to arrive the day before  and possibly stay 
the friday night.

Please indicate with an [x]:

I will be attending  28/02/2005 - 04/03/2005         [  ] Yes   [  ] No
I will need accomodation on Sunday 27/02/2005        [  ] Yes   [  ] No
I will need accomodation on Friday Night 04/02/2005  [  ] Yes   [  ] No

Regards, Christian

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