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Just another thought when reading the package.

I know, it's farfetched, but there seems to be already a "similar" solution

There's already an H.248-based Stimulus Control Protocol:  H.323 Annex L.
Annex L incorporates Simple Endpoint Types (SET) according H.323 Annex F.
Annex F incorporates "telephones with an RJ-45 connector", i.e., POTS

=> for that specific network scenario, and from a high-level perspective,
there are obviously overlappings (e.g., analog line, H.248 control
interface, stimulus control concept).

But I guess that the comparison of H.248.STIMAL versus H.248-based H.323
Annex L is inappropriate, mainly because
- H.323 Annex L still uses normal call establihsment procedures of H.225.0
- H.323 Annex L approach is scoping supplementary services, not basic call
- H.248.STIMAL is scoping basic call service, PSTN supplementary service
are for instance scope of H.248.23

just an idea,

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Hello Albrecht,

Actually the first liaison you refer to is indicating to SG16 the intention
of TISPAN WG3 to create a new package, at the time there was no agreed
package or package name.  The new liaison indicates that there is now a
package defined called stimal package and that there is an ambition to
perform a joint publication between TISPAN and ITU-T, for more details
refer to the new liaison.

I hope this answers your question.

Best regards,

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> Subject: H.248.V5 vs H.248.STIMAL; Re: [LS to SG16 RGW stimal package]
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> Dear All!
> A proposal for a H.248 V5 Package was presented at the last
> WP2/16 meeting:
> http://ftp3.itu.int/av-arch/avc-site/0405_Bei/AVD-2502a.zip
> Question: is H.248.STIMAL replacing the H.248.V5 package proposal?
> Thanks for clarification!
> Best regards
> Albrecht
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> WG3 delegates,
> The Liaison Statement to ITU SG16 is now approved, see attachment.
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