Cancellation of Q.K /16 meeting

Leo.Lehmann at Leo.Lehmann at
Tue Apr 20 03:01:33 EDT 2004

Dear Q.F,G,K,2-5/16 experts,

As we need final approval of the SG16 management for the subject 
meeting, please register your contributions at an early occasion to 
Mr. Paul Jones <paulej at> even if the deadlines are set 
as follows:

  /// Registration of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 30 April 2004 ///
  /// Distribution of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 4 May 2004    ///

Please be reminded that we need sufficient number of participants and 
contributions for the justification of holding Rapporteur meetings. 
Now I can expect sufficient number of participants in Beijing, the 
next is the number of contributions.

Please also note the following plea from Mr. Lehmann, Rapporteur for 
Q.K/16 (mobility). Please respond to him promptly, by the end of 
Monday 19 April at the latest, when he will decide if he can hold Q.K 
meeting in Beijing.

At 07:21 -0500 04/04/02, OKUBO Sakae wrote:
>*** forwarded to those who are interested in Q.K (mobility) works ***
>*** on behalf of Mr. Leo Lehmann <Leo.Lehmann at>     ***
>Dear experts,
>We are planning to have a Rapporteur meeting in Beijing, China 
>during the week of May 11-14, 2004.
>With respect to Q.K (Mobility Management) I have collected very less 
>essential contributions. So far I can only report about the 
>discussions And meetings, which I had with 3GPP regarding the 
>Liaison "mobility between H.323 muti media systems and GPRS/IMT2000 
>networks". I have not received any further contributions or interest 
>from experts regarding any of the Q.K work tasks:
>- Specification of mobility handling (terminal, user) between H.323 
>environments and GPRS/ IMT2000 networks
>- Specification of service mobility with respect to roaming of user 
>profiles, mobile Multimedia collaboration applications and services
>- Specification of Handover procedures where active sessions can be 
>maintained during location changes
>- Specification of Interworking with NGN networks to support 
>generalised mobility handling
>- Presence
>or any further work task.
>Due to this fact I would like to ask you urgently to send me some 
>input until April 13, 2004. Q.K can only be successful if it 
>receives contribution from various experts.
>If I receive no further input until this date I have to consider to 
>inform the SG16 management and the TSB that Q.K proposes to cancel 
>the Q.K meeting in Beijing.

Best regards,

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