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*** forwarded to those who are interested in Q.1/16 works ***

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>Dear Mr. Flaiani,
>Thank you for your feedback and for your continuing interest in Q.1 
>matters! I am forwarding your message to the Q.1 e-mail reflector 
>since it seems that your mail didn't make it before.
>Best regards,
>Patrick Luthi
>Rapporteur for Q.1/16
>At 18:28 04/02/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>>Roberto Flaiani
>>02/04/2004 15.35
>>         To:        "Q.1/16" <tsg16q1 at>
>>         cc:
>>         Subject:         Meeting of Q.1 in Beijing
>>Dear experts,
>>I' d like to express Aethra's preference to progress Q1 work by 
>>correspondence until the next study group meeting.
>>Given the very limited number of contributions currently on the 
>>table it appears hard to justify sending people with the required 
>>specific  expertise to a physical meeting; handling the matter by 
>>e-mail we will not incur the risk of missing some critical piece of 
>>  We also share the concern that with a too limited participation 
>>the foundation for declaring consensus would be severely undermined.
>>Best regards.
>>Roberto Flaiani

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