using H245 tunneling flag in H323V3

ssrivastava at HSS.HNS.COM ssrivastava at HSS.HNS.COM
Tue Sep 16 07:32:59 EDT 2003


I have a doubt in using h245-tunneling flag.

Following has been added in H323 Version-4:
If the called entity does not yet know if H.245 tunneling can be
supported, it shall include the provisionalRespToH245Tunneling flag. This
may happen, for example, when a Gatekeeper is responding to a calling
entity with a message such as Call Proceeding before the called endpoint
responds to the h245Tunneling flag. The provisionalRespToH245Tunneling flag
effectively eliminates the meaning of the h245Tunneling flag in a message
and the flag shall thus be ignored by the receiving endpoint.

I want to know how to take care of the same in h323 version-3.

The Scenario is as follows:
1. Calling endpoint sends a Setup (h245 tunneling = TRUE) message to a
2. Gatekeeper forwards the Setup (h245 tunneling = TRUE) message to the
called endpoint and sends a CallProceeding (h245 tunneling = TRUE) message
to the calling endpoint.
3. Called endpoint sends a Alerting (h245 tunneling = False) to the
gatekeeper, and gatekeeper forwards this message to the calling endpoint.

H245 signaling is direct between the endpoints.

After step # 3, what should be the behaviour of the Calling Endpoint? How
the H245 signaling would be completed?

Thanks & Regards,
Sachin Srivastava

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