H.323 Fast Connect and Versioning

Hiroshi Tamura tamura at toda.ricoh.co.jp
Wed Oct 22 20:33:43 EDT 2003


> Time permitting, I will probably try to take something to the TIA TR30.5
> meeting.  I may not write a concrete proposal, but just present the problem
> formally and propose a few alternatives.  Perhaps through the discussion, we
> may end up with something we can take to the ITU.  Will you be present at
> that meeting?

Now, I cannot say yes or no. But, it is good to finish it at Janauary

Also, now, Chimura-san and I are examining T.38 implementers guide,
which is near term work issues in Q.14. If we can make something
before the meeting and my boss allows me to go there, I positively think of it.

Best regards,
Hiroshi Tamura

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