H.323 Fast Connect and Versioning

Hiroshi Tamura tamura at toda.ricoh.co.jp
Wed Oct 1 22:01:54 EDT 2003


Thanks for your comment.

One confirmation.

> > Why are there issues in Fast Connect only?
> With regular H.245 capability exchange and the use of OLCs, both sides will
> know the actual capabilities.  Version 2 devices should then only send an
> OLC with a version that it knows the remote side can accept.

> The problem has to do with sending a Fast Connect proposal (channel
> proposal) for T.38v2 (2002 syntax) to a version 0 device (1998) syntax and
> that device accepting the proposal and, subsequently, sending 2002-encoded
> IFP packets.  The version 0 device cannot decode the IFP packets.

I understand it.

My question is,
In Figure D.8 - D.11 in H.323 Annex D, does the same issue happen?

I think so.

> In short, there is a potential for sending the wrong ASN.1 PER encoded
> messages.


Hiroshi Tamura

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