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Dear WP2/16 experts,

For your consideration.

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This document contains a consolidated and revised version of the set 
of Questions under SG 16 from the SG 16 management viewpoint and is 
provided to the SG 16 meeting as a starting point for discussions as 
the set of Questions for use in the next study period. The SG 
management invites contributions from the ITU-T membership for the SG 
16 meeting 20-30 January 2004 to improve the current set of Questions.

In this document, Questions 7, 8, 15 are suppressed, Q.13 is merged 
with Q.11, Q.5 is converted into a horizontal Q.K, and a new Q.5 is 
proposed. Further, the text for Q.J in this document is the proposed 
draft new Question from last meeting incorporating a few comments 
received. It should be noted that part of the revisions shown here 
for draft revised Questions D, F, G, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 were though 
out in the Paris meeting of (current) WP2 Questions D, F, G, 2-5/16 
(see TD 10/WP2). Nevertheless, the final decision of the set of 
Questions to be submitted to WTSA will be taken by SG 16 in its 
meeting January 2004. This final set of Questions will be drafted 
according to the template/guidelines from TSAG (see SG 16 TD 55/Gen).

Section 1 of the document presents the assumptions and principles for 
the preparation of this draft, Section 2 revisits the concept of 
FSAs, Horizontal and Vertical Questions, and Priority Areas. Section 
3 contains the text of the Questions. Annex A contains a list of the 
current Questions and a map to the proposed revised texts of this 
document. Annex B lists a map of the current SG 16 Questions to the 
"building blocks" defined by the TSAG Study Group Restructuring 
discussion group.

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