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At the TR.30.1 meeting in Arlington, VA we discussed the conversion of 
5-bit Baudot to T.140/ISO 10646. Basically, we came to the same conclusion 
as Gunnar describes below. However, the simple padding of 0's does not work 
for characters such as a carriage return, does it? Of course, there are 
several characters in the T.140 ISO 10646-1 Basic/Extended Latin subset and 
other useful T.140 characters such as a missing character that do not have 
Baudot equivalents, and the consensus is to use an apostrophe for 
missing/untranslatable characters in Baudot, right? So there would be more 
than specifying a simple scheme that leverages the V.18 Annex A will not 
suffice, right?

I am not sure if I am right here -- Fred Lucas was probably going to put 
together a Baudot <-> T.140 Unicode conversion table. Fred?


At 11:15 AM 5/23/2003 -0400, Paul E. Jones wrote:
>I was looking for a defined specification.  I think we need one to ensure 
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>I am not aware of any specific information about the 5-bit to Unicode 
>But it is straightforward, if you take the conversion tables from V.18 
>Annex A, that goes between 5-bit and 7-bit T.50, and add your knowledge 
>that for all these 7-bit characters, the corresponding Unicode character 
>has the same value, just padded with 0 until it is 16 bits.
>Then you convert between  Unicode UCS-16 and Unicode UTF-8 that is used in 
>T.140. I guess you have library functions for that.
>If you use V.18, the 5-bit to 7-bit is already there for you.
>The GSM implementation in the GTT feature must contain Unicode to 5-bit 
>conversion, but I do not think it is explicitly specified anywhere how it 
>is done.
>What do you want to find, code or specification?
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>Ämne: T.140 -> 5-bit Baudot
>It was said in the meeting that there is a way already defined to convert 
>between Unicode and 5-bit Baudot characters.  I've not seen this 
>conversion.  Can you point me to it?
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