Moving the itu-sg16 list from Intel to Cisco

okubo at okubo at
Tue May 13 13:04:20 EDT 2003

Dear SG16 experts,

This is to announce the transfer of our mailing list.

Since 1997, the "itu-sg16" mailing list has served for the work of 
ITU-T SG16 system experts with many thanks to Intel that succeeded 
KPN, particularly Mr. Greg Meyer and Mr. Chris Hansen who have acted 
as administrators. Recently Cisco has volunteered to undertake this 
role after Intel.

You have been automatically transferred to the Cisco mailing list, so 
you need no particular action for this mailing list transfer. Please 
note that the Intel mailing list will be closed once the new Cisco 
list has become fully operational.

You can now post your message at <itu-sg16 at>. 
Subscription, unsubscription and other administrative matters should 
be directed to <majordomo at>.

Best regards,

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