[H460.9] - Update on status of RTCP Reporting Extensions

Alan Clark alan at telchemy.com
Wed Mar 5 09:47:15 EST 2003


The proposal is to use the VoIP Metrics described in Section 4.7 of the RTCP
Reporting Extensions (attached to yesterday's email).

The primary change since the previous version that was aired at the last
SG16 meeting was the inclusion of residual echo - many problems in VoIP
networks are caused by incorrect signal levels or high echo levels and hence
it is important to report these parameters.  Fortunately many line echo
cancellors already have the necessary data available and hence the RTCP
Reporting code simply extracts these from the DSP.

I would be happy to put some draft text together and circulate it.  This
would essentially comprise the set of metrics contained in the -03 draft put
into the same format as those already described in the pre-published H.460.9


Alan Clark

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In order to see this included in H.460.9, I think you should draft what
changes you'd like to see in H.460.9 and float it around to experts on this
list.  I would personally prefer to add this as an Annex to the current
pre-published H.460.9, though I'm open to discussion on how we can include

At any rate, I think we need to have some discussion on this before the May
meeting.  I don't think we can approve something if that is the first time
we've seen it.


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Subject: [H460.9] - Update on status of RTCP Reporting Extensions

> The IETF AVT RTCP Reporting Extensions draft is now at release 03
> and is being proposed for "last call" at the IETF meeting in mid-March. I
> hope that the document is reaching a level of stability that will permit
> to be considered for inclusion in H.460.9
> Regards
> Alan Clark
> Telchemy
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> Alan,
> I fully agree with Bob's reply below. In my view H.460.9 is now
> open to be used for transporting also advanced statistical data, even if
> initial choice reflects the content of today's RTCP reports.
> The information content of QoS reports is only one part of the standard.
> Another - maybe the major - part is the mechanism for conveying these
> reports from endpoints to gatekeepers and between gatekeepers. And this
> does not change if improved QoS statistics become available.
> It was the unanimous opinion of the experts at the SG16 meeting that
> will be used for extended QoS reports as soon as the relevant work in IETF
> has finished. How this is best done will be decided when the RFC is
> available. Any input from your side is certainly welcome.
> Regards,
> Ernst Horvath
> Siemens AG
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