[H460.9] - Update on status of RTCP Reporting Extensions

Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Tue Mar 4 20:13:58 EST 2003


In order to see this included in H.460.9, I think you should draft what
changes you'd like to see in H.460.9 and float it around to experts on this
list.  I would personally prefer to add this as an Annex to the current
pre-published H.460.9, though I'm open to discussion on how we can include

At any rate, I think we need to have some discussion on this before the May
meeting.  I don't think we can approve something if that is the first time
we've seen it.


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> The IETF AVT RTCP Reporting Extensions draft is now at release 03
> and is being proposed for "last call" at the IETF meeting in mid-March. I
> hope that the document is reaching a level of stability that will permit
> to be considered for inclusion in H.460.9
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> Alan Clark
> Telchemy
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> Alan,
> I fully agree with Bob's reply below. In my view H.460.9 is now
> open to be used for transporting also advanced statistical data, even if
> initial choice reflects the content of today's RTCP reports.
> The information content of QoS reports is only one part of the standard.
> Another - maybe the major - part is the mechanism for conveying these
> reports from endpoints to gatekeepers and between gatekeepers. And this
> does not change if improved QoS statistics become available.
> It was the unanimous opinion of the experts at the SG16 meeting that
> will be used for extended QoS reports as soon as the relevant work in IETF
> has finished. How this is best done will be decided when the RFC is
> available. Any input from your side is certainly welcome.
> Regards,
> Ernst Horvath
> Siemens AG
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