Hotel availability in May 2003 is tight (II)

Campos, Simao simao.campos at ITU.INT
Mon Jan 20 07:12:13 EST 2003

Dear colleagues, 

further to my earlier message, the following information may help you in
your quest for hotel accomodations:

- The list of hotels with special prices for ITU meeting 
  attendees can be found at: 
  A hotel reservation form is attached for your 
  convenience--as usual, to be sent directly to 
  the hotel concerned...

- If no rooms are available in Geneva, participants can 
  book rooms in Lausanne, Switzerland, which is about 45 
  minutes by train from Geneva.  The list of hotels 
  in Lausanne is at 

- Also, there are hotels in Ferney-Voltaire, Gex, Annemasse and 
  Gaillard (France), and Crissier, Nyon, Morges, and Rolle (Switzerland) 
  which are close to Geneva.  Hotels in Divonne, Thonon, and Evian 
  (France) are further away, but still possible.  You may find 
  the following links useful, otherwise, please check with your 
  travel agent: 

Best regards,

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> Subject: Hotel availability in May 2003 is tight
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> Dear colleagues,
> it has been brought to my attention that room availability 
> during our SG 16 meeting in 20-30 May 2003 is tight. I am not 
> aware of the reason, as no exceptional events are taking 
> place. Hence, it is advisable that delegates make their hotel 
> reservations as soon as possible.
> I would be most grateful should you be able to send this to 
> the email lists that you find appropriate, so that our 
> delegates will maximize the chances to get a suitable hotel room.
> Best regards,
> Simao 
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