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Dear H323Forum User,

I have been following the recent discussions about presence and instant
messaging in H.323. I am the editor of a proposed new series of
recommendations from ITU-T Study Group 16 on directory services
architectures for multimedia conferencing. The architecture has been
under review in SG16 for sometime, and we are hoping for ratification in
May of this year if all goes well.

The architecture is LDAP based and provides a way for users to be listed
in directories in a standardized way, allowing searching of enterprise
directories, and even searching of directory portals which can find
users across the Internet. The architecture also supports the management
of users through LDAP, rather than through closed databases associated
with gatekeepers or SIP proxies.

Early on it became evident that we could easily support presence through
this architecture through the addition of a simple attribute. However,
we chose not to add that because there already seemed to be confusion in
the presence space with competing protocols. We did not want to cloud
the issue.

In some ways, the LDAP approach to presence is perhaps more scalable as
it addresses security and large scale federation (i.e.
inter-institutional) dynamics more directly.

My question is, should SG16 re-visit this issue in regards to LDAP, or
leave it out as it currently stands?

Tyler Johnson
Editor, H.LDAP

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