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*** Forwarded to WP2/16 members. I have failed to take this up ***
*** at the San Jose meeting - Sakae OKUBO (WP2/16 chairman)    ***

At 10:51 +0000 03/02/12, John Magill wrote:
>During your Rapporteur meetings this week, I would be grateful if
>you would remind the WP2 delegates present of the new SG16 work on
>Recommendations for Full Service VDSL. These are:
>H.fsv-arch - Full Service VDSL - service architecture and CPE
>H.fsv-oamp - Full Service VDSL - Operations, Administration,
>Maintenance and Provisioning.
>It is intended that these Recommendations will be proposed for
>Consent at the May 2003 meeting of SG16, and they will be discussed
>at the Focus Group meeting and potential Rapporteur meetings
>(subject to interest) in Toronto 4-6 March.
>The latest drafts are available at the ftp site:
>For information on how to get access to the ftp site and subscribe
>to the email reflector, see:
>The Associate Rapporteurs for this work are:
>Associate Rapporteur for architecture Recommendation (Q.B) - Stephane
>Py < at>
>Associate Rapporteur for OAM&P Recommendation (Q.C) - Peter Adams
><p.f.adams at>
>Comments or questions on the drafts should be sent to the Associate
>Rapporteurs, or to the reflector <fsvdsl-fg at>.
>I am also happy to take comments and general questions.
>Thanks for your help. I hope you are having a productive meeting.
>Best regards
>John Magill
>Tel: +44 1666 510105
>Fax: +44 8700 527645
>Email: johnmagill at

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