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I gave some thought to this idea and i discussed this with Paul too a
couple of months ago. My opinion is that Instant Messaging would be a bit
too shall we say "heavy" on the H.323 protocol. Besides i think the scope of
IM and SMS is quite different. Of course you can incorporate IM in H.323 but
the question is, is this service really needed in H.323? What do you think?
. The reason i took up SMS was that this service is already quite popular
(also MMS now) and other signalling protocols are supporting somewhat
similar services. If H.323 is to survive then it has to have a similar
service. Another reason was that many vendors are supporting SMS in their
own proprietary ways, so i thought why not define a standard which everybody
can use.

So in my opinion IM is not really so important from H.323 perspective.
However i would give some serious thought to Presence Notification. Because
this would be a really useful service. Maybe i can take this up when we are
done with the SMS spec.  :-)


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Subject: FW: H323 for Instant Message and Presence information suppo rt?

> Ahmar,
> this email appeared on the ITU-T SG16 reflector just a couple of minutes
> ago, after I sent out the previous email.
> IM is diferent than SMS, of course, but what would it mean if we would
> defiem IM over H.323 and use it also for SMS?
> Could it be used for interworking with SMS, too?
> Markku
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> Subject: FW: [HvS] H323 for Instant Message and Presence information
> suppo rt?
> Interesting question - anyone wants to take a stub at it?
> Thanks,
> Anatoli
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> Subject: [HvS] H323 for Instant Message and Presence information
> support?
> In the article "H.323 versus SIP: A Comparison", seems a very important
> aspect of Internet Telephony prodcut (NOTE: not Telephony product) is
> -- how easily to integrate the H323 or SIP products with the other
> services?
> Is there any effort in H323 on supporting Instant Message and presence
> information -- an important and convinient service over the Internet?
> Or we have to say that any H323 terminal has to have a separate messenger
> with it for IM and presence information, and any H323 proxy has to have a
> separate presence agent with it. For SIP, with the effort in SIMPLE
> group, this can be easily solved, and it's easy to add a presence agent to
> SIP proxy server.
> Thanks!
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