H323 for Instant Message and Presence information suppo rt?

Ahmar Ghaffar ghaffar at SNOM.DE
Thu Feb 13 10:04:45 EST 2003

Interesting question - anyone wants to take a stub at it?


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In the article "H.323 versus SIP: A Comparison", seems a very important
aspect of Internet Telephony prodcut (NOTE: not Telephony product) is missed

-- how easily to integrate the H323 or SIP products with the other Internet

Is there any effort in H323 on supporting Instant Message and presence
information -- an important and convinient service over the Internet?
Or we have to say that any H323 terminal has to have a separate messenger
with it for IM and presence information, and any H323 proxy has to have a
separate presence agent with it. For SIP, with the effort in SIMPLE working
group, this can be easily solved, and it's easy to add a presence agent to a

SIP proxy server.


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