Notice of Q.H/16 Accessibility Rapporteur Meeting

Gunnar Hellström gunnar.hellstrom at OMNITOR.SE
Wed Feb 12 15:29:33 EST 2003

To    Experts of ITU-T SG16 Question H: Accessibility to Multimedia Systems
and services

Cc    Mr. P-A. Probst, Chairman of SG16 <probst-pa at>
        Mr. M. Matsumoto, WP 1/16 Chairman <matsumoto at>
      Mr. S. Campos-Neto, ITU TSB <simao.campos at>

>From  G Hellstrom  Rapporteur for Q.H/16 <gunnar.hellstrom at>

   Subject: Notice of Joint Rapporteur Meeting in Streatley, Berkshire, UK
   Date:    March 18-19 2003

Dear experts of ITU-T Question H/16.

A Rapporteur meeting for ITU-T Q.H/16 Experts will be held in Streatley,
Berkshire, UK on March 18-19.
The meeting is co-located with a meeting of Q.11/16 in order to get an
opportunity to discuss joint matters in the Text over IP area.

Details of the meeting can be found in the attached document.

Best regards
Gunnar Hellström
Omnitor AB
Renathvägen 2
SE 121 37 Johanneshov
+46 8 556 002 03
Mob: +46 708 204 288
Gunnar.Hellstrom at

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