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Earlier this year, there were several that expressed an interest in a short message service within H.323.  The idea was to have something that would be similar to what we have today with GSM mobile networks and, as much as possible, allow the two networks to interwork relatively well.

(This H.sms service would not be used to replace the existing real-time text communication described in H.323 Annex G.)

This document was reviewed during the May 2003 meeting, with just a few comments-- mainly calling for simplifying the service specification.  The editor, as he usually does, did an excellent job at providing a complete service specification and he and I are both wondering which direction we should go in order to progress this work.

Is it the desire of the experts to reduce the scope of H.sms?
If there is a desire to have something simpler, precisely what should be changed?
What requirements do companies have for a short message service within H.323?

I want to solicit some comments on this document and get feedback from folks. This is primarily for the benefit of the editor, but certainly it is to the benefit of anybody wanting a short message service within H.323 systems.

For the benefit of all, I have placed the editor's initial draft document here:

      Your input is very much needed to see this work move forward. 

Paul E. Jones
Rapporteur, Q2/16
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