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Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Wed Dec 17 16:31:10 EST 2003

Dear experts,

Sorry to repeat Mr Okubo's warning in an even more explicit form, but I
would like to have that clear: if the document is *only* uploaded to the FTP
area mentioned in Mr Okubo's email, and *not* submitted through the formal
ITU-T document submission process at the latest on 08 Jan 04, the document
will **NOT** be seen in the SG 16 meeting 20-30 January 2003. No exceptions!
The latter is mandatory, the former is optional (but suggested by Mr Okubo).

Best regards

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> Let me stress that this provision of advance review at the informal 
> site is INDEPENDENT from the formal submission of your contributions 
> / documents to ITU-TSB.

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