Draft H.350-series (H.ldap)

Tyler Miller Johnson trjohns1 at EMAIL.UNC.EDU
Mon Apr 21 15:32:48 EDT 2003

Dear SG16,

The documents up at the AVC site represent changes requested by various
constituencies and especially the feedback we received from the
Raporteur's meeting in San Jose. In particuler, I would like to draw
your attention to H.350.5. This is a new schema which is meant to
provide a very minimal set of directory services for non-standard
protocols. This was created to address what we are seeing as a need to
provide some sort of directory capability for a plethora of MPEG,
wavelet, and multicast tools. Because these protocols are non-standard
(in terms of signalling) we cannot develop schema to represent them all.
However, by standardizing on a schema to identity them, at least they
can be found in a directory, their protocol identified, and further
information about how to use them gleaned from a description field. I am
  curious if the group is in favor of this concept.

Some of the more specific changes included in this release of the
documents are:
1. Greater discussion of use scenarios (H.350 appendices).
2. Elaboration of methods to extend the schema.
3. Addition of extension field for h.320.
4. Change H.235 senderID to endpointID.
5. Cleanup of glossaries.
6. Correction to errors in LDIF file.
7. ServiceLevel attribute added to all relevant protocols
8. Pre-existing ertificate definitions noted.

We have also had the SIP draft under review by SIP experts from
Internet2 and they have offered a number of helpful comments which I
will incorporate into the document in time for Geneva.

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