Please remember to use the new ITU-T template ( /ITU-T/studygroups/templates)

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Fri Apr 25 12:19:40 EDT 2003

Dear all,

As you get ready to submit your delayed contributiuons (and to make Leslie's
life easier :-), please remember to use the new ITU-T template for
contributions that we informed you about in TD01-Plen of the last SG 16

For delegates, the template for contributions (white & delayed) is really
simple to use: just cut and paste the table of the template into your
document and fill the table in... that's all. The macros in Leslie's
computer will adjust the other parameter (page headers, logo, etc).

The template can be found on the web page on the subject of this email, or
through the link from the SG 16 web page (under "Guides, Tools and
Templates", "New ITU-T Templates"). It is also attached to this email. So
... no excuses :-)


Simão Ferraz de Campos Neto             Counsellor, ITU-T SG 16
International Telecommunication Union   Tel:    +41-22-730-6805
Place des Nations                       Fax:    +41-22-730-5853
Geneva CH1211 - Switzerland             E-mail: simao.campos at
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