Terry L Anderson tlatla at VERIZON.NET
Wed Apr 16 18:07:55 EDT 2003

Many of you know that I (and my entire dept) was cut by Lucent
Technologies last fall.  I continued to be active in SG16 for a while at
my own expense but cannot afford to continue to attend meetings and so
have resigned as Rapporteur of Q.3 and will not be able to attend the
Geneva meeting next month.  I will keep monitoring the mailling lists
for a bit, but am not likely to attend meetings in the future unless I
ultimately find a job related to SG16.

I just want to say good-bye to each of you.  I enjoyed very much my work
in SG16 over the past several years and enjoyed working with you; many
of you have become good friends.  I will miss attending the meetings,
working with many of you and the great dinners after often late sessions.

Terry L Anderson                     tlatla at verizon.net
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