PictureTel Site Blocked

OKUBO Sakae okubo at mxz.mesh.ne.jp
Fri Sep 20 04:08:15 EDT 2002

Dear Mr. Campos-Neto,

At 12:46 +0200 02/09/19, Campos, Simao wrote:
>it seems that these problems with the PictureTel site keep recurring.

This particular thing first. This is a "known problem" and under 
control of the Polycom administrator. Another fact is the Mr. David 
Lindberg recently informed us that this site would be closed at the 
end of this year and transferring it to IMTC, like JVT group's site, 
is under negotiation.

>In this sense, I would like to investigate with you what would be 
>your feeling about migrating all the material that is now available 
>in the PicTel FTP site into such an area hosted by the ITU, created 
>for SG 16.

Considering the importance of embracing non-ITU members (receiving 
participation and contributions from them, promoting the ITU works to 
them, and more importantly encouraging them to implement ITU-T 
standards), we have been using the Intel's private mailing list and 
the PictureTel's ftp site instead of the ITU TIES ones. I believe 
this has worked well for the benefits of ITU.

If it is a problem to ITU, then the bottom line should be the 
password be publicizable. Actually the first site that Graphics 
Communication Laboratories (my previous work place) provided during 
1995-1998 before PictureTel worked like that. However, the barrier 
should be as low as possible as Christian argues.

Best regards,

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