PictureTel Site Blocked

Campos, Simao simao.campos at itu.int
Thu Sep 19 06:46:40 EDT 2002

Dear colleagues,
it seems that these problems with the PictureTel site keep recurring. I
would like to suggest an alternative, that could be discussed in Geneva in
October. TSAG has created a mechanism for creating "semi"-open FTP areas
under TIES (for the purp[ose of communicating with organizations outside the
ITU), outside of the traditional informal FTP area of the SGs. This area has
a username/password, but these can be communicated to the interested
In this sense, I would like to investigate with you what would be your
feeling about migrating all the material that is now available in the PicTel
FTP site into such an area hosted by the ITU, created for SG 16. If your
response is positive, I would start checking internally how can we most
expeditely move into that direction.
Best regards,

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The PictureTel site is giving me an error message: maximum number of
anonymous users exceeded.  I expect this is the FTP problem they had before.
The administrator address provided in the error message (Patrick Luthi's old
address) bounces, so I don't know who to contact to reset the server.

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