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Meyer, Greg W greg.w.meyer at INTEL.COM
Wed Sep 11 12:24:11 EDT 2002

Dear Q.D,F,G,2-5/16 experts,

I have created a new directory at the avc-site:

This is for the documents input to and output from the SG16 October meeting in Geneva. Please post your delayed contributions and TDs at the following place and make an announcement at the reflector <itu-sg16 at>:

Please note that the files stored there are those provided voluntarily by the contributors for early review of the input/output documents by the experts.

Since the SG16 meeting is an official ITU-T meeting and managed by TSB, you must send your documents to TSB-EDH. The meeting documents will be made available at the ITU TIES site for ITU-T members. The PictureTel site is NOT intended for mirroring the ITU TIES site, it is functioning to assist the study of experts.

Best regards,

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