Raleigh meeting report AVD-2259

OKUBO Sakae okubo at MXZ.MESH.NE.JP
Wed Sep 4 20:05:14 EDT 2002

I have some concerns about the changes proposed in this AVD.

1. The AVD adds a new data type called multiplepayloadstream that is
intended to allow more then one payload in a stream. According to the ASN.1
you can have different media types in the same logical channel which is not
a good practice and would break a lot of implementations.
2. The data type in H.245 open logical channel describe the media type but
do not specify the RTP payload format used. There are cases were there is
more then one way to build the RTP stream for example in H.263. In the OLC
in H2250LogicalChannelParameters there is a RTPPayloadType parameter that
describe the RTP payload. If the AVD is used to describe multiple streams
there is no way to specify the packetization scheme used.
3. I think that the editor of H.235 will look to see if the proposed AVD
allows to specify and change a key for each payload that can be used in the
logical channel. I am not an expert on H.235

Roni Even

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