Outcome of the SG16 meeting just finished

OKUBO Sakae sakae.okubo at ties.itu.ch
Fri Oct 25 12:18:30 EDT 2002

Dear SG16 experts,

I have placed the WP2 reports at the following place:


   WP2_Report_TD64_revised.zip -- list of consented and approved texts
   WP2_Report_TD65_revised.zip -- report of the discussions
   WP2_Report_TD66_plen.zip    -- liaisons statements
   WP2_Report_TD67_plen.zip    -- interim Rapporteur meeting

Please note that the next Rapporteur meeting is planned during 11-14
February 2003. Its details are yet to be fixed.

Using this opportunity, I would request Rapporteurs and Editors to upload
the output documents at


Best regards,

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