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maybe what I could add to this, while what Paul has written is completely
1)  You can participate as "expert" in a Rapporteur Meeting, if the
Rapporteur (e.g. Paul) feels that it contributes to the progress of work.
The implementation of an "open door" policy - if he feels that is the right
way to go - is up to him as a Rapporteur.
2) However, while you may provide there key contributions to the progress of
H.323 Standardization, in the end you have no power to participate in the
official commenting and approval process. Those can be done only by ITU-T
members and ITU-T Associates (the later can officially comment, but not
"vote"). However, since changes from the "top" - I mean on SG level are not
frequent, your contribution at the "bottom" can be still very powerful for
the shaping of the standard.
Kind regards,

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Betreff: [h323forum] Participating in H.323/H.248 standardization meetings

I have received questions from a number of people asking if or how people
can participate in the standardization activities related to H.323, H.248,
etc.  Most people have been under the impression that, since they are not
members of the ITU, they do not have a voice and do not have a means to
contribute to the work related to H.323 and H.248.  While it is true that
the ITU meetings are generally closed to members, we do have a much more
"open door" policy at Rapporteur's meetings and definitely encourage
participation from members and non-members alike.  Rapporteur's meetings are
where much of the real work gets done, so your participation would
definitely be beneficial.
In February 2003, we will hold the next Rapporteur's meeting for Questions
2, 3, 4, 5, D, F, and G of Study Group 16.  The meeting announcement will be
posted to the ITU-T SG16 mailing list (see
<http://www.packetizer.com/iptel/h323/lists.html>  for information on
joining the list), which is the official mailing list for work related to
those Questions.  I would encourage any interested person to contribute to
the work going on related to those Questions, regardless of his/her
association with the ITU.  While being present at the meeting is really
beneficial to the work going on, it certainly is not mandatory.  Even if you
are not present, if you have a feature you want to propose or propose a new
work item, you could simply submit the proposal in writing and it will be
considered.  With that said, though, as folks who do participate in these
meetings know, it is generally better to be present to make your point and
help drive the work.
If you have a contribution you want to make in the area of H.323, H.248,
etc., you are definitely welcome!  In addition, I'll be happy to answer any
questions you might have related to procedural matters.
Best Regards,
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