Even, Roni roni.even at POLYCOM.CO.IL
Wed Jun 19 05:12:05 EDT 2002

Dear SG16 experts,

This is to report the current status of the input contributions to the next
week Q.D,F,G,2-5 meeting in Bruges.

The document list is available at:


Please advise me if your contribution is not listed there. I lost several
e-mails received during the daytime last Friday.

Since the deadline mentioned in the meeting announcement

  /// Distribution of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 17 June 2002 ///

has well passed, let me mark AVD-2238, 2241, 2244 and 2250 as late arrival
contributions whose consideration is up to the meeting.

Best regards,

Global Information and Telecommunication Institute (GITI)
Waseda University
29-7 Waseda University Bldg.
1-3-10 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
169-0051 Japan
        e-mail: okubo at giti.waseda.ac.jp
        Tel: +81 3 3204 8194
        Fax: +81 3 5286 3832

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