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For those planning the Rapporteur's meeting, you should probably read this e-mail from Laurent. We'll be sharing the same network with TIPHON, so the comments here are applicable to us as well.

Best Regards,

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Subject: Network facilities in Brugge: bring your PC and a Network card!

Dear all,

For those of you who have already used the network facilities during TIPHON meetings, this email is just a reminder to bring either your Wireless network card (802.11b), OR your Ethernet card AND a cable with you.

For the others, who are not aware of this facility be informed that TIPHON meetings are 100% paperless and that the only way to gain access to documents during the meeting is to download them from a local server through a LAN. 

There are two ways to connect to the meeting network :

    1- Through the Ethernet Hub located in a meeting room : a bunch of approx 16 Ethernet ports will be available, you'll just have to connect to one of them during coffee break (assuming your PC is configured to get its IP address from a DHCP server) and download the files you need.

    2- Through the wireless WaveLAN : we will provide a wireless coverage in all meeting rooms and break areas...

In any case, ensure that your portable PC is equipped with one of the above described access methods, and that your network drivers are installed and configured properly. The other important thing to check is that your PC is not configured with a fixed IP address but receives its IP settings from a DHCP server. If this does not sound familiar to you check with your network administrator BEFORE the meeting!

If you're still undecided about whether or not to bring a WaveLAN card, be aware that this technology uses the 802.11b standard which is also used at IETF and 3GPP meetings... This technology is stable and provides excellent compatibility amongst different vendors.

Newcomers will also appreciate the Internet connectivity : this allows the participants to keep in touch with their office through Email during the week. If your Email server has an external POP3 access you'll be able to browse your email transparently, if not, you might be able to use your VPN.

Looking forward to see you soon in Brugge

             Best regards
             Laurent Vreck
    TIPHON Technical Officer 
    650, Route des Lucioles 
    06921 Sophia Antipolis 
    phone: +33 4 9294 4373 

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