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RE: response to open letter from Tom TaylorFrancois,

We recently had a discussion about this... partly on the reflector and partly off-line.  I think the general consensus was that that sourceInfo field was the GK, as it says 'sender of the LRQ'.  It was also generally agreed that this is unfortunate.  So, Cisco plans to bring a contribution to the next SG16 meeting to propose adding a field for v5 that will be the source information of the originating endpoint.


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  Is the sourceInfo in LRQ intended to indicate the identity of the Gatekeeper sending the LRQ, or the identify of the remote calling user which causes its gatekeeper to send the LRQ because it can't resolve the address?

  If the response is the gatekeeper (as I think), it seems to me that the gatekeeper receiving the LRQ will only be able to respond positively to it if it has sufficient context information in the LRQ (for example, if the LRQ contains a national number, it doesn't have enough context information).

  Any comments?

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