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SIP/SIMPLE is most likely to be the most popular.  MS selected it and it
re-uses of existing infrastructure (proxies etc.).

There are standards and there are standards de facto. Where JABBER fits in?

>From practical indistry point of view H.323 UNI solution (e.g. based GEF.3
well defined)  will enable H.323 Terminal developers to I/F with
SIMPLE based solution.

>From user point  of view (He decides the future of this):
Great multimedia and conferencing solutions (H.323) powered available
IM/presence services.

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"Instant messaging" in general is a really crowded field of endeavour.  The
IETF had nine different protocol proposals in fromt of it.  After a heroic
effort these reduced to three.  Now JABBER is attempting to expand the field
again.  The IETF has defined a framework for presence and instant messaging
to make it easier for all of them to interwork.  I suppose at some point we
should look at how T.140 might be brought into line with this framework.

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Subject: IM and T.140

What's the difference between "instant messaging" in general and T.140? IOW,
what can you do with one that you can't do with the other?

Paul Long
ipDialog, Inc.

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