Open issue in H.22x

Horvath Ernst ernst.horvath at SIEMENS.AT
Thu Jan 31 11:19:18 EST 2002

I have uploaded the following files to the PictureTel site:
IETF Work on T.38 SIP Call Flows 
Source: Canada (Contact Glen Parsons)

Proposed Changes to Recommendation T.38 Annex D
Source: Canada (Contact Glen Parsons)

IANA Registrations for Recommendaiton T.38 Annex D
Source: Canada (Contact Glen Parsons)
Draft H.248 Annex M.1 Advanced Audio Server packages For Consent
Source: Editor (Contact Tom Taylor)

Editor's Response To D.186
Source: Editor H.248 Annex M.1 (Contact Tom Taylor)

Tom Taylor
taylor at
Ph. +1 613 736 0961 (ESN 396 1490)

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