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Miner Gleason mgleason at CISCO.COM
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I have just uploaded to Incoming on the pictel server the following:

This contains 2 versions of H.225.0 Annex G version 2 document:

  H225_Annex_G_v2_new.doc      : With change marks
  H225_Annex_G_v2_new-ncm.doc  : Without change marks

This new version is a major revision, which now relies for its
underlying protocol on the new H.22x Recommendation (which itself has
been created from the Annex G version 1 protocol definition).  It
incorporates all submissions to date against version 1, as does the
draft H.22x recommendation.

Mr. Ernst Horvath of Siemans is the editor of the H.22x recommendation,
which is found in:

also on the pictel server.

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