Minutes of the 3rd Q.5 Teleconference jointly with Q.2 and Q.G experts; January 25, 16:00 - 17:35 CET

Miner Gleason mgleason at CISCO.COM
Mon Jan 28 11:01:35 EST 2002


I would like to make one small correction to the minutes published today
by Mr. Euchner.

Euchner Martin ICN M SR 3 wrote:
>                 - The AccessRequest messages have been removed in H.22x.
> However, some more input is needed regarding the optional features. This
> appears not really crucial as this issue is considered as for further study.

The AccessRequest messages have not been removed (at least i hope not,
they are an essential part of the protocol!).  Rather it is the
"capabilities" field in the AccessRequest message that was removed.
This field was added by a submission to the Dublin Rapporteur's meeting;
the submission was later withdrawn.

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