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There are no special "conference aliases", as you suggest, the term is used
to refer to terminal aliases that represent a conference.  For example, an
MCU might register with the dialedDigits alias "1234". If the user dials
1234, the call would be directed to the MCU that registered the alias.

If the MCU wishes to use this method for directing calls, it would be
reasonable for the MCU to register an alias for each conference.  However,
H.323 does not limit the actual implementation.  You could certainly build
an MCU that presents the user with a greeting asking for the conference ID
to be entered when the user dials the number.  This is typical with
traditional conference bridges.


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> Hi,
> Sec 8.1.13 of H323v4 talks about establishing
> conference calls using "conference aliases". If a GK
> is present in the network, and EPs perform ARQ
> procedures using the conference alias, how does the GK
> resolve the conference alias to one of the MCUs
> registered with it? Does an MCU register with the
> conference alias as one of its terminal aliases in its
> initial RRQ with the GK ? Also, does an MCU have to
> register with multiple conference aliases in order to
> support multiple simultaneous conferences ?
> Regards,
> Aparna.
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